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Petition to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI
and to the Bishops of Portugal

Your Holiness and Your Excellencies:

We are deeply disturbed and dismayed by press reports of a plan to transform the Shrine of Our Lady at Fatima into an “interfaith” facility, opening this Catholic holy site to worship on an equal footing by non-Catholics of all kinds, including Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and other followers of non-Christian religions. We are also dismayed that Rector Guerra's “denial” only confirms the new interfaith program at Fatima.

As faithful Catholics and devoted children of Our Blessed Mother Mary, we wish to affirm clearly and unequivocally our absolute opposition to this misguided and outrageous plan. We condemn it as contrary to Sacred Scripture and Tradition and to the actual Message that God’s Mother brought to the world at Fatima. We turn to you, Holy Father, and to the leaders of the Church in Portugal, beseeching and asking you:

  1. To declare an immediate end to any plans and/or efforts to turn Our Lady’s Shrine into a so-called “interfaith” facility.
  2. To order all those engaged in the planning and fund-raising for such a facility to forthwith and immediately cease and desist from this impious activity which cannot but help to provoke scandal and disunity among the Faithful.
  3. To affirm that Our Lady’s Shrine will remain always and only a sacred Catholic site and to declare that worship services of a non-Catholic nature are neither permitted nor acceptable on Shrine grounds.
  4. To investigate the reports of mismanagement and suspicion of heresy on the part of the Shrine’s former Rector, Father Luciano Guerra, who the press has identified as the leading force behind this outrageous plan.

Submitted respectfully and humbly in the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

I, the undersigned, agree with this petition.

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